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3 Easy Steps To Choosing Your Perfect 2023 Diary

by Roohani Rang 22 Sep 2023

1. Decide whether you are more of a diary person.

You might be wondering, what’s the difference? Well, let us tell you! Our Eco-Friendly Dairies are more what we like to call a traditional diary, with either week-to-view or day-per-page date options, as well as calendar planning spreads. Whereas our Sustainable Daily Diaries is filled with lots of extra useful and inspiring contents with room to plan ahead and reflect on a monthly basis.

Our diaries come as Hardback, Softback, but they are all smaller than a planner so are a great choice if you’re always on the go and want to keep a note of dates and to-dos! With planning spreads at the front, they are also brilliant if you like to switch up your design each year – as they are bound, they last from January through to December and then you can get a new design next year (and recycle your old one or keep it for the memories!)

Our Handmade Daily Diaries are less like a book and more like personal organizers. They come in a range of beautiful color options and can be refilled year after year. Including contents designed to help you plan out your whole life on paper, the Life Planner gives you room to reflect on the months gone by and plan ahead, as well as helping you with productivity and self-kindness.

2. Figure out which layout is best for you

Anyone who loves a Proper diary or planner, will know this is the most important! Everyone has their own personal preference for this, and it’s all down to how you are going to use your new 2023 diary or planner.

Our Eco-Friendly Daily Diaries have a vertical weekly layout, which means you can see a whole week on a two-page spread, with extra space for weekly habits and your daily priorities.

Our hardback diaries come in either a weekly layout, which is a great option if you like to see everything you have coming up in the week ahead in one place!

Then there’s the daily layout, which is available in our hardback diaries, where you have a page per day of the week (except weekends, which have both Saturday and Sunday on one page). If you’re a lover of lists or want to make detailed schedule plans in your new 2023 Eco-Friendly Dairies, then this is the layout for you – plenty of room for lots of notes!

3. Pick your favorite design


This is the fun bit – decide on your design for the year! We have lots of beautiful covers to choose from which can of course all personalized with names, initials or longer phrases, depending on the design and what you would prefer.

Whether you go for a lovely quote or something more illustrated, the perfect handmade 2023 diary or planner for you (or whichever lucky person you’re gifting one to!) is only a click away.

  • Number Of Pages (160 pages of 180 gsm paper)
  • Paper (100% recycled and tree free cotton fiber handmade paper)
  • Size (A4,A5,A6)
930 x 520px


Sample Block Quote

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Sample Paragraph Text

Praesent vestibulum congue tellus at fringilla. Curabitur vitae semper sem, eu convallis est. Cras felis nunc commodo eu convallis vitae interdum non nisl. Maecenas ac est sit amet augue pharetra convallis nec danos dui. Cras suscipit quam et turpis eleifend vitae malesuada magna congue. Damus id ullamcorper neque. Sed vitae mi a mi pretium aliquet ac sed elitos. Pellentesque nulla eros accumsan quis justo at tincidunt lobortis deli denimes, suspendisse vestibulum lectus in lectus volutpate.
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